Monday, 8 September 2014

halter neck top | forever 21 | £6
skirt | zara sale | £6
bag | zara | £20
mesh platform shoes | fashion prescription | £45
choker | river island sale | £4
necklace | accessorize | £17
bracelet | accessorize | £8

 Here's a simple outfit I've put together by using a statement piece, which in this case is the skirt and complementing it with monochrome elements such as the top and shoes. I have completed the look with this gorgeous baby blue shopper bag from Zara which was a total bargain at £20! I added statement jewelry to dress up the plain top. 

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WEARING// powder blues.
Monday, September 08, 2014

WEARING// powder blues.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

I have been given an amazing opportunity to take part and be a designer at a charity fashion show for Cancer Research UK. I was so excited to be part of it because I wanted a project to do over summer which I could add onto my experiences for my university application. Even better it is for a charity in which I want to do a lot of charity work for in the future. 

I was asked to make a a small collection consisting of 11 garments and a mini portfolio. Here is some pages from my portfolio that I took inspiration form to create my mini collection.

I had 3 weeks to make all my garments, find models, a MUA, stylists/helpers and sell tickets. It was very stressful but I managed to do all that after many blood,swear and tears.  Here are the final garments I made. 

| leather bralet. 
leather skirt with neon yellow flare. |

| metalic halter neck.
leather skirt with sheer holographic panel. |

 | neon yellow cut out halter neck tassle top.
black satin shorts with metalic trim.|

| holographic crop top with neon collar and feather trim.
neon yellow running shorts with metalic trim. |

| clear vinyl rain cape.
caged leather bralet.
caged side slit leather skirt. | 

I am so pleased with the outcome and rather proud of my self, my team and everyone who organised and helped with the show. 

FASHION SHOW // 29.08.14
Sunday, September 07, 2014

FASHION SHOW // 29.08.14

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

twin set | self made| £5.50
kimono | self made | £4.50
mesh cleated shoes | fashion prescription | £45 
necklace | accessorize | £19
choker | river island | £4
sunglasses | pretty little things |£10

This outfit (Twin set and kimono) was made entirely by me, which I'm pretty proud of. Making my own clothes gives me a great sense of satisfaction knowing that my own blood, sweat and tears went into it and not a poor child's from a sweat shop somewhere in Asia. Also It's one of kind and you get to pick your own colour and pattern.

 This twin set is made from a cotton fabric with gingham and daisy print on it. It was made form a meter of this fabric costing only £5.50 or something. The kimono is made from a scarf. It is pretty similar to a gridded kimono from H&M. The scarf is from Accessorize . (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT TO TURN A SCARF INTO A KIMONO) 

My shoes are mesh peep toes from . They were given to me by my boyfriend. Look how amazing they are!

These photos were taken from the beautiful city of Durham. If you haven't been on a boat ride here then you've seriously missed out. 
| Bae doing all the rowing |

| just chilling | 

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WEARING// grids and twin set.
Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WEARING// grids and twin set.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kimonos are spotted everywhere in SS14. They are a perfect little cover up for the warm weather. This my tutorial on how to turn an over sized scarf to a basic Kimono. It is pretty straight forward and it took me no more than half an hour to make. If you would like to know how to make this then please keep reading... 

What you will need:

Over sized rectangular scarf.
 (lightweight material works best, mine is from accessorize)
sewing machine
measuring tape
fabric scissors 



Lay out the scarf and fold in half width wise so that it creates a square, making sure that the right sides are facing each other. Lay it out so that the fold line edge is at the top, furthest away from you. 


Measure along the width and mark the half way point. Pin the edges and corners together so that the fabric wont slip. Using sharp fabric scissors cut ONLY THE TOP LAYER from the edge using the center point. Stop at about an inch from the fold line.  

It should look like this: 

This is the front opening of the kimono. 


 Measure how big you want the arm holes to be. Mine was 12 and half inches. Measure this from the fold line and down. mark with a pin and repeat on the opposite side.
I decided to add slits at the bottom sides just so that it looks more flowy. This step is optional. Measure from the lose edges and mark how long you want the slits. Mine is 8 inches.

At this point you should have two pins on either side. The space between the two pins is where you are going to sew. 


Make a straight stitch on each side in between the pins. The top space where you don't sew will be the arm hole. The bottom will the side slits. 


The last step is to hem the raw edges where you cut the opening. To do this you fold the edges by half an inch and fold again, iron to flatten or pin down and sew. 



Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know how it goes!

DIY// scarf to kimono
Thursday, July 24, 2014

DIY// scarf to kimono